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Complete the storywith terms related to the
five senses from this special section.
All of your five senses are atwork everymorning. First, think
about howyouwake up.Youmay be roused by an alarm clock.
The clock sends a soundwave to your ________. The sound
passes through your ________ ________, where a layer of skin
called the ________ vibrates. From here, the process takes several
more steps before the ________ ________ carries themessage
to the brain. Some people aremore easily awakened by the sense
of ________, with a shake by a familymember.
As your eyes open, thosefirst glimmers of light pass through
the ________ to your ________, which adjusts its size to
let in the right amount of ________. The brightness in the room
is processed by ________ in your ________. The images you see
when you look around your bedroom are sent to your brain
by your ________ ________.
Once you get out of bed, your sense of ________ enables your
____________ to sense different parts of your bodywhile you stand
up and stretch.As you step into the shower, your ____________ and
____________ (and hopefully not your ________ ________) are
triggered by the pressure and temperature of the hotwater.While
getting ready for school, you rely on your sense of ________ to get
dressed and check your appearance.
It’s now time for breakfast— an orange and a bowl of oatmeal.
Your senses of ________ and ________work together to bring out the
flavors. The ________ ________ in your nose employs tenmillion
scent ________ to detect the smells, and your tongue’s ten thousand
________ ________ help you pick up on the ________ and ________
tastes of the orange. Think of all your senses have done for you before
you even leave for school!
Five senses story contest
Child’s name
Parent or guardianname
whenyoubringyour entry form
intoyour local BartellDrugs store!
Students can enter the contest by
completing the story, filling out the
entry form anddropping this page off at a
Bartell Drugs store or bymailing it toBartell
Drugs, 4025DelridgeWay S.W., Suite 400,
Seattle,WA 98106. Only children ages 8-15
and living inWashington state are eligible
for the contest. Deadline for all entries is
September 29, 2014.
For a complete set of
contest rules, please visit
Grand prize:
GreatWolf Lodge
Gift Card for $1,000 (2 nights stay
at about $340 a night, plusmoney
for dinner/spa)
Second prize:
Xbox 360 250GB
Console andKinect
Third prize:
Drugs gift card
(Somewordsmay be usedmore than once)
auditory canal •mucousmembrane
pain receptors • light • rods • pinna • receptors
optic nerve • cornea • eardrum • thermoreceptors
taste buds • smell • pupil • auditory nerve
touch • proprioceptors • sight • sweet • taste
mechanoreceptors • touch • sour • retina
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